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3D Animations and Motion Graphics

Though currently meager, This is a collection of my 3D animation and Motion Graphic work. This will be growing larger.

U-Drink Stand. Original Invention. Designed and Rendered Blender 2.79. Edited LCPX. Music Original!

3D Pool & Volumetrix-Test with Motion 5

This is a quick introduction to the Total CBD Skin Therapy line. Motion 5, LCPX, AE

Product Promo Made in Motion 5 and After Effects

Divine Design Productions Intro. Music Score original.
I also scored the music soundtrack

OUTSIDER-Eerie-wSound. Motion 5. Kinetic Animation

"We Abandon Ourselves" by Glenn Meldrum. Video Production and music by David Frazier

""The Mech" - Custom made from a Darrin Lile Tutorial Course. Added SFX + Music

Music soundtrack I scored, put to Skyrim game-clips and edited in FCPX.